Jannquell for Georgia’s 13th Congressional District

As an attorney and former mayor, I know now more than ever, we need to stick together. If you have questions, concerns or need help with resources not found here, please reach out directly with a call or text to 404-441-9641 or jannquell@electjannquell.com.

Can I count on your vote?

  • Georgia is a state with over 10 million
  • Over half the population are women
  • GA has 14 Congressional Seats
  • One is held by a woman
  • The other 13…. are all MEN
  • Isn’t it time we change that?

Why I’m Running

I launched this campaign, driven by volunteers, in May of last year, but I have spent a lifetime standing up and speaking out for others. As an attorney who represents children in foster care, advocating for families and the community is what I have dedicated my career to doing.

It could not be more clear, this country needs new leadership now. We need compassion and for our leaders to have experience. With that experience, comes new ideas, new vision, and new outcomes.

I have served the 13th Congressional District as Mayor of East Point and am running to serve the entire district, because it’s time to make sure our government is working for all of us. With a district as diverse as the 13th, we need to make sure we are fighting for opportunity and equity for all of us.

Meet Jannquell Peters

Jannquell has spent her career as a public interest Attorney in the offices of the Public Defender, Child Advocate and Special Assistant Attorney General. She has represented Georgia’s 13 Congressional District as the immediate past Mayor of East Point and has worked tirelessly advocating for others and finding solutions to improve the lives of hard working families all across Georgia.

About Living in the 13th

When candidates run for Congress and live outside the district, though permitted by the U.S. Constitution, there is always a discussion around that candidate’s motives and viability. Mayor Peters has the following response in her own words:

Jannquell’s Launch Video