Jannquell For Cobb Georgia’s 13th District

New leadership, new ideas, new outcomes.

It’s time.


Experience matters. Jannquell is a child advocate attorney and the former Mayor in East Point. She has governing and legislative experience and is ready to serve the entire 13th Congressional District in Congress. During her administration, East Point:

  • Lowered Health Care Costs
  • Increased Economic Development
  • Raised Minimum Wage
  • Obtained its First Bond Rating


Mayor Peters has dedicated her career to public service, to uplifting children, families and the community. In Congress, Jannquell will continue to fight for:

  • Infrastructure and Jobs
  • Education and Criminal Justice Reform
  • Healthcare and Economic Opportunity


Jannquell is currently in private practice and represents children in Cobb County Juvenile Court. In addition:

  • Jannquell pays city and county taxes into the 13th district
  • Mayor Peters has been elected to serve voters in the 13th district
  • Jannquell served a


Representation matters!! Georgia only has ONE woman representing this state in Congress. Jannquell is running to change that too.

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