Georgia’s 13th

About Living in the District

“Since the question about my residency has come up, I want you to know the following directly from me: I understand the misgivings one may have entrusting their vote to someone who does not live within the boundaries of the district they are running in. How it may seem as if that candidate will not be able to look after the community’s best interest. I am not that outsider and can only point to how I have governed in the past to demonstrate what the future will hold regarding my ability to lead in the 13th.

I pay taxes into a county withing the 13th Congressional District (as do my two opponents). I pay taxes into a city within the 13th Congressional District (questionable if this is the case with my two opponents). I have been elected to serve as the Mayor of an ENTIRE city, within the 13th Congressional District and no one can take that away from me, despite their best efforts trying.

As the former Mayor of East Point and resident since 2004, I am as invested in outcomes for the 13th as anyone. When you serve as Mayor, you represent the entire city, not one ward or one neighborhood, but the entire city. The lines are not blurred, they simply do not exist in that way.

My interest in improving property values, providing quality of life amenities, and improving educational outcomes is no less important than if my home were located in a different part of East Point. As a little luck would have it, the City of East Point is centrally located in the middle of the very large, wide spread district. We are just over 20 miles south of Powder Springs in Cobb County and just over 20 miles north of Stockbridge in Henry County.

I have spent countless hours during my time in office, up at night with worry about just about any and everything you can think of. Hours ensuring that we had clean drinking water, that we provided electricity at the lowest possible cost with the highest possible up-time, and that we were doing right by the environment in our practices.

As Mayor, people mattered to me; not their position on a map. I lived and breathed the issues facing both the business and residential community each and every day. I set a vision for our future growth and worked with community partners to ensure we were represented on a regional and state level; that our voices were heard. I was successful in governing and providing progressive legislative solutions, which have led to the unprecedented growth and progress in our city. I look forward to providing the same type of dedication and advocacy efforts to the entire district as I have for the duration of my professional career as an attorney, and as the Mayor of East Point.

Experience matters. Shouldn’t it?

I think a lot about what is happening in politics today and how we have a President who is doing his level best to manipulate the Constitution for his own benefit. The Constitution is clear about Congressional qualifications and I meet all of them.

Let’s be clear, Donald Trump is not a bad President because he lives in New York or Florida. In my opinion, he is a bad President, because he has no aptitude or experience governing, or legislating, or advocating. I may wish the Constitution said otherwise, but it simply does not and experience is not required for federal office.

It is my hope that voters will we see past the whisper campaign and distractions and elect me as your next Congresswoman for the 13th Congressional District. I will always show up, listen, and act accordingly, so that soon, everyone will feel compelled to say #WeThriveIn13! I invite you to take a look at my accomplishments as mayor:

Georgia’s 13th Congressional District is made up of a number of cities and spans across six metro counties: Clayton, Cobb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, and Henry.